Bank account

Kieler Volksbank
IBAN: DE30 2109 0007 0091 3390 06


What do we do with your donations?

All donations and funds made available to us are used in accordance with our statutes to promote international understanding, international cooperation and tolerance in all areas of culture in the coexistence of German and foreign students.

In concrete terms, this means that we may pay for the tutor representing our interests and helping with our events. We make purchases for CAH that serve to strengthen the community, including expenses for the association’s meetings once a semester with a common meal, as well as special cultural projects.

Of course all donations are fully tax-deductible in Germany, because the association for the promotion of the CAH (tax number 19 294 78653) is recognized as a non-profit organisation and is exempt from corporation and trade tax and entitled to issue donation confirmations for donations and membership fees in accordance with the officially prescribed form (§50 (1) EStDV).

Needless to say that every donor is cordially invited to participate in all events, regardless of whether or not he/she wishes to become a member of the association.

The association for the promotion of the Christian Albrecht house in Kiel is supported by: