Dormitory committee

The Dormitory Self Administration (DSA) is a students’ organisation of CAH which is meant to maintain and promote the entertainment facilities of CAH as well as to represent the students’ interests towards Studentenwerk. All members of the Dormitory Self Administration must live in the CAH.

Who elects the Dormitory Self Administration?
All students living in CAH may elect and may be elected into the DSA. At the beginning of each semester posters will announce a general assembly.

The Managing Comitee
The managing comittee of CAH consists of the 1st and 2nd chairman, the treasurer, the librarians, the Manitoba hosts, the firesite warden, the bar room warden and the music room warden. The first chairperson’s task is it to represent the inhabitants’ interests at Studentenwerk and its deputies. The first chairperson acts as a manager of the DSA, he is responsible for calling in and leading the general assembly. The second chairperson substitutes the first one in case of illness or absence.

The Treasurer
The treasurer checks the DSA’s cash and bank account at least once per semester if the funds were used according to the regulations.

The Manitoba Crew
It is thursday evening, you’re sitting in your room on your own and you’re bored? No need for that. Off to the cellar of the CAH you go and have a party! In the dormitory’s own bar you can chat, sing dance and consume a lot of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Of course the appropriate music won’t be missing. The Manitoba hosts are not only at your service on thursdays though, but if you ask them nicely they will provide you with drinks througout the week. The Manitoba staff also organize the popular video nights which mostly take place in the bar room. Just look out for announcements what is scheduled next.

The Librarian
The librarian will put the daily newspapers into the library each morning so you can read these fresh off the press. There are two weeklies, Die Zeit (Wednesday) and Der Spiegel (Monday). Other than that there are a lot of books, written in German as well as in English, and vinyl records to lend. Just ask the librarians.

The Bar Room Wardens
The bar room wardens’ task is it to provide you with pool queus and a good piece of chalk, or alternatively with a ball for table football. Also they will hire out the bar room for grand feasts and parties (2 times a month only). A deposite and a cleaning fee will be charged though for these events. The bar room is located in the main building, just next to the firesite. Note: the bar room is NOT the MANITOBA!

The Music Room Warden
The music room warden will open you the doors to have fun with your instrument. The CAH has its own concert piano which is just waiting to be played. Only you should play it at daytime to not overly bug your neigbours since this room is not isolated. In the cellar, near Manitoba, there is another, more remote practise room.

The Firesite and Grill Warden
He is the one who heats the firesite and chops the logs for it. The firesite is located between the library and the bar room.
This Warden also maintains the grill place behind the main building. So, if you’re up for a barbecue you can collect the grill grid from Marten. Still, you will have to provide your own coals, food, etc. Important notice: Please clear up the yard after the barbecue and clean the grill until 10am the next morning!

The Bicycle and Tools Warden
Is your bike broken or are you in need of other tools for minor repairs? The Tool Warden keeps CAH’s public toolbox for you. Moreover, the warden checks regularly if scrap bikes beyond repair are occupying the storing positions.

The Internet Warden
The Internet Warden maintains the website and helps solving issues with the internet. If you’re having any issues with the internet in your room, he’s the right person to contact.