The library

The library is located opposite of the mailboxes in the main building. At the moment there are two regular weeklies, Die Zeit (Wednesday) and Der Spiegel (Monday). Other than that there are a lots of books, written in German as well as in English, and vinyl records to lend. Just ask the librarian.

The bar room

The bar room is in the main building, just next door to the firesite. A pool table and a kicker table are in here. The room is also used for festivities and can therefore be rented from the bar room wardens. Just look out for announcements what is in planning for this location.

The Manitoba

The Manitoba Bar is situated in the main building’s cellar and is open every Thursday from 9:30pm on. In the dormitory’s own bar you can chat, sing, dance and consume a lot of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Of course the appropriate music won’t be missing.

The laundry room

There is a laundry room in the cellar of the main building. Another washing machine and dry tumbler can be found in the common bathroom at the ground floor of House #1. You can access the laundry room in the main building with your room’s key. Don’t forget your washing-powder and coins (50 Euro-cent pieces)!

The bicycle cellar

There is a bicycle cellar in the main building. Every inhabitant can access it with their room key. Please be quiet while storing away your bike at night, so the folks next door won’t be disturbed during their nightly “learning”. Further opportunities for parking your bike are the shelter behind the main building and the grids in front of House #1 and the main building. Other than that you can put your bike against the fence at the main building. And please do only park your bike on the road side of the fence so that our caretaker will be able to mow the lawn.

The grill

When the weather is fair and nice you may enjoy a yummy barbecue at the grill next to the bicycle shelter behind the main building. Pleace clean up the place until 10 am the next day.

The waste bins
These are located at the dormitory’s parking lot. Seperated trash can be disposed of there.