About the CAH

Christian-Albrecht-Haus (CAH) is situated at Niemannsweg 152, House #1 being at Niemannsweg 147, 24105 Kiel which is about 3 km away from Kiel University. The CAH is made up of the old and new part of the main building and of House #1 which is just across the road from the main building.

In the new part there are only single rooms with a bathroom (shower and WC). Only the kitchens are shared. All the rooms have approximately the same size and will be hired with complete furniture. In the old part there are also just single rooms but you will share the kitchens and bathrooms, though you will have a sink of your own in your room. The rooms are slightly bigger than in the new part and they are also completely furnished. Apart from these there are two family appartments on the ground floor of the old part which feature a living room, a sleeping room, a kitchen and a bathroom. In House #1 there are as well only single rooms though you will also share a kitchen and bathroom. In the smaller rooms of House #1 you will have a huge cupboard which is capable of storing loads of things. In the other rooms you will instead have a nice view on the main building. These rooms are also completely furnished. For further information on rents, room sizes and equipment it is recommended to see the Housing Department of Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein. All rooms have a socket for cable TV and a telephone connection which only needs to be activated.

The average rent for a room in CAH is Euro 165.- (as of Winter term 2013/14).

Tip: If you have newly moved in try asking your neigbours for your predecessor’s phone number. You will pay less activation fees for your connection if you know the number and you might be able to take over this number.

Please note: we have no influence whatsoever on the distribution of rooms in CAH. The rooms are dealt out by Studentenwerk!